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?Want to learn how to cast things in molten metal

We can show you how hobby foundry work can be done in your home workshop using self-built equipment & tools.

The basic skills & methods we'll explain to you have been successfully used by many people who have never before tried their hand at metal casting

If you already enjoy working with metal, and creating things with your bare hands, then, you will really enjoy casting metal. The only limiting factor is your skill, imagination and determination. Foundry work is basically using a timber or metal pattern to create a cavity in a two-part sand mould, then carefully pouring molten metal into the mould cavity. The more you can learn about metal casting, the better your skills & work will become.

People just like you begin casting metal for all kinds of reasons, the trigger for most people is the desperate need to remake an obsolete part for a restoration project, and when you think about it, it makes sense, if a part was originally made using the casting technique, then nine times out of ten, it can be reproduced again using the same technique, this is the kind of thing we teach in our ebooks, using practical methods to recreate a single, or a number of metal castings from aluminium or bronze. The metal casting process is not difficult to learn, and once you know how, the sky is the limit. 

The image below shows a common moulding medium called green sand, the name has nothing to do with the colour. When a pattern is rammed with well prepared green sand in a mould box, the sand bonds together and retains the shape of the pattern, it is not like normal beach or river sand, and when the pattern is removed, an exact shaped cavity remains which is where the molten metal is poured. Other types of silicate sand can be used for making moulds also, but green sand is good to start with.

Most hobby foundry workers build their own Gas Fired Furnace. The Metal Casting Made Easy ebook provides complete instructions. All measurements are supplied in both imperial and metric. The furnace interior is lined with a high temperature resistant refractory cement which can be obtained from foundry supply houses, you can also make your own home made refractory, (an old time recipe is included in the ebook) but it may not last as long as the proven commercial variety.
Internal View Of Gas Fired Furnace.
After preparing the sand mould, and the metal has reached a molten state in the furnace, it is then ready to pour. The crucible full of molten metal is carefully removed from the furnace with a pair of lifting tongs and placed into a special pouring shank, wearing the proper safety gear you can take hold of the pouring shank which cradles the crucible and then quickly pour the molten metal into the sand mould. After the metal cools down, the mould boxes can be pulled apart to reveal the bright new art casting - car - motorcycle part - project special, or even a reproduction of an old machine part, the things you can make are almost endless.
Pouring Molten Aluminium Into A Green Sand Mould.  
When you have become familiar with the methods and techniques of metal casting you will be able to start making your own special castings, which may include parts for veteran & vintage cars, or even the later model classic models built in the sixties. The raw castings below are fresh out of the green sand mould.  
Raw Aluminium  Automotive Slave Cylinder Castings.
The gates & runners are then removed from the castings, along with the sand cores, the cylinders are then prepared for the machining operations, to carry out the machining of the castings, a small bench lathe, a pedestal drill, and some small home made tooling & jigs were used to produce the cylinder as shown below.
Fully Machined Slave Cylinder Ready To Install. 
Our ebooks have helped many people learn how to make their own vintage car - motor cycle - antique - art castings - sculptures - property name plates - or parts for special projects. The possibilities are quite endless, once you know the basic methods and techniques of metal casting. But you should also be quite aware that dealing with molten metal can be dangerous, unsafe practices can cause injuries. The metal casting process requires that great care should be exercised at all times.

If you are just starting to explore metal casting as a hobby, a good way to begin your learning is to download the sample ebook, or download the Power Point slide show. The ebook is a shortened version of the 98 page Metal Casting Made Easy ebook, you can read about twenty randomly chosen pages. This is the main ebook which is also accompanied by The Design Of Gates And Risers, plus all of the valuable bonus ebooks we include with the package.

The ebooks are can downloaded or available on CD ROM.

Learn more about the ebooks by visiting the LIBRARY PAGE


Would you like to know more about this ancient metal craft?

Well Prepared Foundry Green Sand.

green sand ready for moulding

Aluminium is a great way to begin metal casting, you can melt good quality scrap to make your own ingots, which will be used at a later stage to make your metal castings, good clean scrap can be sourced from: engine inlet manifolds, old Al cylinder heads, cast a Al cover plates, bell housings, etc.

Aluminium Ingots. 

To melt the ingots into molten metal thay are placed into a crucible that can withstand extremely high furnace temperatures, aluminium melts at around 700C,  bronze melts at around 1200C. Crucibles come in all shapes and sizes. The best quality crucibles are made from silicon carbide, properly cared for, they will last for several years, they will outlast clay graphite crucibles. Some people make cheap melting pots from a short length of heavy walled pipe with a base plate welded on, but they don't last as long.
A Salamander Silicon Carbide Crucible.


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